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AC Voltage Regulator Manufacturer Recommended

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Johsun Tec Electrical Co., Ltd. is one of the successful & modern manufacturer in power supply field, the company is established in year 2002, Johsun Technology specilizes in researching, manufacturing and selling Voltage Stabilizer, Voltage RegulatorInverter, Voltage Transformer, Current Transformer, Battery Charger, UPS, Voltage Protector and Switching Power Supply, etc.

Depending on its advanced global technology and facilities, Johsun Technology is leading the road of international development, so far the company has gain ISO9001:2008 and SGS quality standard certificate, the main products have got CCC, CE and Soncap certificate for local and global market.

product description

Wall Mount Relay Control AC Voltage Regulator TM-10000VA

Product Introduction:

TM wall-mounted voltage regulator adopts display technology,This series single-phase electronic voltage regulator can display the delay time, output voltage and protection state automatically and has advantages of time-delay protection, over-voltage and under-voltage protection, automatic alarming,etc.


This series TM wall-mounted voltage regulator is for office equipment, test equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment, household appliance, lighting system,communication system, etc.


It is basically the same as the wet alarm valve. The difference is that the total pressure on the valve plate of the wet alarm valve is caused by the pressure of the pressurized water in the pipe network, while the dry alarm valve is from the water pressure in front of the valve and the pipe in the rear of the valve. The pressure of the pressurized gas is caused. The wet alarm valve has a delay, and the dry alarm valve has no delay.

Technical parameters

Step Up And Down Transformer TC-100W

The ZSFY system is a universal automatic sprinkler system, which consists of wet alarm valve, retarder, hydraulic alarm and other components  (pressure switch, flow indicator, sprinkler). The system is in the working condition for a long time, and the pipe network is filled with pressure water.  When there is a fire somewhere in the protected area, the ambient temperature rises and the heat sensitive element (glass ball) on the nozzle moves,  the sealant component is dropped, the system is started automatically, the water is sprayed directly into the area where the fire occurs, and the alarm  signal has reached the purpose of alarm, fire extinguishing and fire control. The wet alarm valve is widely used in high-rise buildings, hospitals, hotels, offices, shopping malls and warehouses, factories and underground  works because of its stable working performance, high fire extinguishing efficiency, sensitive operation, simple maintenance, long reliable service life,etc.

Product Introduction:

The transformer is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage. The main components are the primary coil, the secondary coil, and the iron core (magnetic core). The main functions are: voltage conversion, current conversion, impedance transformation, isolation, voltage regulation (magnetic saturation transformer) and so on.

Technical parameters