Low voltage draw-out switchgear assembly MNS

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Low voltage draw-out switchgear assembly MNS
Low voltage draw-out switchgear assembly MNS


MNS is on kind L.V power distribution cabinet with modularization and multifunction. It's applied in metallurgy, oil, chemical industry, and other basic construction areas; in power distributing and motor control system. 

MNS has high flexibility with cabinet structure. 

According to your need or different working situation, various model and components can install in cabinet. 

According to different power system. many types feeder unit can install in one cabinet or one line cabinets. For example, feeder circuit can be mixed assembled with motor controlled loop. 

MNS is full series L.V switchgear. fulfill your different needs, suitable in below 6300A L.V system. 

MNS is with high reliability and safety, ensure operators' safety and equipments protection. 

MNS is assembled structure, with structural section and connecting way and compatibility to all components, fulfilled demanding construction date and continuous power supply. 

Standard IEC60439, GB7251.1 


Model meaning


Structural characteristics

The product design has fully considered the requirements of the majority of power users and design departments, which can meet the needs of the developing power industry such as the centralized control of capacity increase power, convenient installation and maintenance, and shortened accident treatment time, etc., which is safe, economical, reasonable and reliable. The product has the characteristics of strong connection ability, high breaking ability, good dynamic stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, strong series and practicability, and novel structure, etc. It is an updated product of low-voltage stationary switchgear in China. At the same time, it can be combined with drawers and cabinets for mixed use. 

Basic structure:Switch cabinet cabinet structure is composed of profiles (module E=25mm) assembly. As a result of using lock since tap screw and 8.8 class high strength bolt for connection, so the cabinet high precision, good sex. Cabinet body appearance and internal separation. 


Working conditions

1.The ambient air temperature shall not exceed 40°C, and the average value measured within 24 hours shall not exceed 35°C, with the minimum ambient air temperature of -S"C; 

2. The elevation of the installation site shall not exceed 2000m;

3. The surrounding air is not visibly polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive gases or flammable gases, vapors or salt spray; 

4. Atmospheric conditions: the air is clean, and the relative humidity shall not exceed 50% when the highest temperature is +40"C. At lower temperatures, greater relative humidity is allowed. For example, the relative humidity at +20"C is 90%; However, it should be taken into account that moderate condensation may occasionally occur as a result of temperature changes; 

5. The inclination between installation and vertical plane shall not exceed 5° ; 

6. The equipment shall be installed in a place free from violent vibration and impact; 

Note: if users have special requirements, they can negotiate with our company to solve them. 


Main technical parameters


Outline and mounting dimensions


Fixed cupboard

Chest of drawers

Fixed separator

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