Low voltage draw-out switchgear assembly GCK

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Low voltage draw-out switchgear assembly GCK
Low voltage draw-out switchgear assembly GCK


GCK low voltage draw-out switchgear set (hereinafter referred to as the switchgear), applicable to power plants. metallurgy, steel rolling, petroleum chemical industry, light industry, textile, electric power, machinery, port, buildings, hotels and other places as ac three phase four wire or three-phase five wire system, rated voltage 380 V (400). (600), rated current 4000A, rated frequency 50 Hz (60) power system of power distribution and motor control. 

Switch cabinet is through the comprehensive type test, and through the national compulsory product 3C certification. 

The product conforms to GB7251.1 'low-voltage switchgear and control equipment', IEC60439-1 'low-voltage switchgear and control equipment" and other standards. 


Model and meanings


Working conditions

3.1 ambient air temperature shall not exceed 40℃, and the average value measured within 24 hours shall not exceed 35℃, and the 

minimum ambient air temperature shall be -5℃; 

3.2 the elevation of the installation site shall not exceed 2000m: 

3.3 the surrounding air is not significantly polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive or flammable gases, vapors or salt fog; 

3.4 atmospheric conditions: 

Clean air, at the highest temperature of +40℃, its relative humidity should not exceed 50%. At lower temperatures, greater relative humidity is allowed. 

For example, the relative humidity at +20℃ is 90%. However, it should be taken into account that moderate condensation may occasionally occur as a result of temperature changes; 

3.5 the inclination between installation and vertical plane shall not exceed 5° ; 

3.6 the equipment shall be installed in a place free from violent vibration and impact; 

Note: if users have special requirements, they can negotiate with our company to solve them. 


Main technical parameters 


Structural characteristics

5.1 the basic cabinet frame of GCK is a combined assembly-type structure, the cabinet frame adopts hot-rolled steel STHC, FA profile adopts Angle plate positioning, stud connection, no welding structure, the molding size of parts, hole size, equipment gap 

is modular. (modulus E = 20 mm) 

5.2 internal structural parts shall be galvanized. 

5.3 after pickling and phosphating, the external structure is sprayed with high-voltage static electricity. 

5.4 structural parts have strong versatility and high mechanical strength. 

5.5 the upper part of the cabinet is the main bus room, the front part is the electrical room, and the rear part is the cable inlet and outlet room. There are steel plates or insulation plates between the rooms for isolation, to ensure the safety of use. 

5.6 mechanical interlock: the MCC cabinet drawer compartment door and the operation handle of the circuit breaker or disconnecting switch are equipped with mechanical interlock. Only when the handle is broken can the door be opened to ensure safety. The interlock mechanism is equipped with an unlocking device. 

5.7 power switch: the contact switch and the drawer of the MCC cabinet have three positions: on position, test position and off position. 

5.8 busbar bridge can be installed in the switchgear according to the needs of power reception or communication. The height of the busbar bridge from the top of the cabinet and the length of the busbar bridge can be designed and supplied by our company according to the needs of users. 



Outline and mounting dimensions

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