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What's the usage of SBW Series Three-Phase Compensated AC Voltage Regulator?

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The Preferred Choice For Stable Voltage And Ensuring Equipment Safety - JOHSUN SBW Series High-Precision Three-Phase High-Power Compensation Fully Automatic Power Stabilizer


With the increasing demand for electricity in modern society and the continuous development of modern industry, voltage fluctuations and instability have brought many troubles to people's lives and work, and the demand for stable voltage in the power system is increasing. In order to solve this problem, the SBW series high-precision three-phase high-power compensation fully automatic power stabilizer has emerged. The JOHSUN SBW high-power voltage regulator is designed specifically for stabilizing AC voltage, taking into account the power grid conditions and incorporating foreign technologies. It is highly regarded as an efficient and reliable power stabilizing device due to its special working principle and excellent performance. This article will provide a detailed analysis of the SBW high-power compensation regulator from four aspects: working principle, main characteristics, application fields, and usage environment.


1. Principles and characteristics

The three-phase SBW compensated AC voltage regulator maintains stable voltage quality by adjusting the output voltage of the power supply based on the load and current fluctuations of the power system. It can automatically sense and adjust the changes in power load, and maintain stable output voltage through automatic voltage compensation. It has the following characteristics:


1). Efficient and stable: The three-phase SBW compensated AC voltage regulator can quickly respond to voltage fluctuations and automatically adjust the output voltage, maintaining it within the set value range, effectively avoiding damage to electrical equipment caused by unstable voltage.

2). Large capacity: The three-phase SBW compensated AC voltage regulator can meet the needs of simultaneously supplying multiple devices and high-power loads, ensuring stable current output.

3). Safe and reliable: The three-phase SBW compensating AC voltage regulator has multiple protection functions such as overload, short circuit, and over temperature, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

4). Fast response and high precision: The three-phase SBW compensated AC voltage regulator has the characteristics of fast response and high precision, which can automatically sense and adjust changes in power load, and maintain stable voltage output. Meanwhile, by increasing or decreasing the excitation current of the generator, the SBW compensation regulator can achieve automatic voltage regulation, ensuring the stable operation of the power system.

5). Wide applicability: The three-phase SBW compensated AC voltage regulator has a wide range of adaptability. Whether it is a low-voltage rural power grid or a high-voltage industrial power system, whether it is large-scale electromechanical equipment in industries such as agriculture, transportation, postal and telecommunications, military, railways, scientific research and culture, or metal processing equipment, production lines, construction engineering equipment, elevators, medical equipment, embroidery and textile equipment, air conditioning, broadcasting and television, and household appliances SBW high-power voltage regulators can be widely used in lighting and other places that require voltage stabilization.



2. Applicable scope

The three-phase SBW compensated AC voltage regulator is widely used in power systems, electrical equipment, industrial production lines, and other fields, especially suitable for the following situations:


1). Equipment that requires high voltage stability, such as computer servers, medical equipment, precision instruments, etc., are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations and require a stable power supply to function properly.

2). In situations where multiple devices need to be powered simultaneously, such as large factories, manufacturing enterprises, commercial complexes, and residential areas. In various factories and manufacturing enterprises, the power load is usually very large and has high requirements for voltage stability. The high-precision adjustment function of SBW compensation regulator can ensure the normal operation of industrial equipment and improve production efficiency; In the commercial and residential fields, whether it is shopping centers, office buildings, or residential homes, SBW compensation regulators can provide users with a stable power environment and protect various electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations. While ensuring the power demand of each equipment, it is also necessary to maintain voltage stability to prevent equipment failures from affecting daily life, production, and business.

3).Areas with unstable power supply quality: Suitable for some areas where the quality of power supply is not stable, often resulting in large voltage fluctuations or frequent power outages; It is also suitable for users at the end of low-voltage distribution networks with low or high power supply voltage and large fluctuation amplitude, as well as electrical equipment with large load changes, especially suitable for all voltage stabilizing electric fields with high requirements for grid waveform. The high-power compensating power stabilizer can be connected to thermal, hydraulic, and small generators.



3.Usage effect

After using a three-phase SBW compensated AC voltage regulator, the following obvious effects can be achieved:


1). Extended lifespan of electrical equipment: By maintaining a stable voltage supply, equipment damage caused by high or low voltage is avoided, thereby extending the service life of the equipment and saving maintenance and replacement costs.

2). Improve work efficiency: After stable power supply, the equipment can operate more stably and efficiently, improve work efficiency, shorten production cycles, and reduce downtime losses.

3). Ensure the normal operation of the load: Whether it is high-power equipment or small equipment, stable power supply can be obtained to ensure the normal operation of the load and improve work efficiency.




4. Usage environment

It is worth noting that the SBW series voltage regulator should be used indoors, and its normal operating conditions are:


1). The ambient temperature needs to be between -10 ℃ and 45 ℃

2). An altitude of<1000M and a relative humidity of 20% -90% are required

3). It is necessary to ensure that there are no gases, steam, chemical deposits, dust, dirt, and other explosive and corrosive media environments that seriously affect the insulation of the voltage regulator

4).It is best for the installation site to have no severe vibration or bumps.



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