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Converting voltage, a caring butler for overseas home appliances

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In daily life, we will choose suitable household appliances such as refrigerators, hair dryers, induction cookers, water heaters, etc. And some products may be produced in China, Japan, Europe, or the United States. Also, because the voltage in their countries is different from ours, for example, the voltage in China and Europe is 220V, the voltage in Japan is 100V, and the voltage in the United States is 110V. When these appliances are not compatible with the voltage in our country and we are interested in this product.


Our company-Johsun Tec’s DT series and STU series conversion transformers provide us with a solution.


The DT series transformer has the function of converting 220V voltage to 110V or 110V voltage to 220V. Solved the embarrassing situation where overseas products cannot be used.



The STU series transformer has the function of converting 110V, 200V, 220V, and 240V voltage into 220V or 110V, and also comes with a USB interface for easy use.



Our DT series and STU series transformers are equipped with 2 American standard sockets for 110V output and 2 universal sockets for 220V output. At the same time, we can choose the desired power cord style to meet various electricity needs in different countries. Transformers of 1KVA and above use air switch circuit breakers with various protection functions, such as overload protection, short circuit protection, etc., to ensure electrical safety. At the same time, DT series transformers of 5KVA and above use wiring terminals instead of power cord to prevent harm and losses caused by excessive current that the power lines cannot withstand.


Our DT and STU series transformers are suitable for use in household appliances such as water dispensers, printers, rice cookers, fans, fax machines, hair dryers, computers, refrigerators, induction cookers, water heaters, etc. They are safe and convenient.


Moreover, the DT and STU series transformers adopt the classic black and white minimalist design style of Zhongxiang Technology, which is low-key and stable. They have handles for easy handling and portability, and can be easily placed in corners and crevices, naturally integrating into the living environment. Almost no sound can be heard during use, and it will not have an impact on daily life.



Johsun Tec Electrical Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the production of power equipment such as voltage regulators, transformers, regulators, inverters, etc. for over 17 years, with production and customization capabilities. Through diversified customization services such as OEM/ODM, it meets the market and brand positioning needs of wholesalers, importers, traders, etc., achieving maximum cooperation between the factory and customers. Zhongxiang Technology adheres to the service concept of "serving customers and meeting the market", with the vision of becoming a well-known power brand, committed to continuously providing customers with the highest quality service and creating the most satisfactory products.