SCCBJ/SCZCBJ type epoxy series casting dry type transformer

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SCCBJ/SCZCBJ type epoxy series casting dry type transformer
SCCBJ/SCZCBJ type epoxy series casting dry type transformer


The SC(B) series epoxy resin casting dry type transformer produced by our company is fully automatic vacuum casting with thin insulation tape packing. The core adopts high permeability grain oriented silicon steel sheet; Due to the use of advanced technology, high quality raw materials, scientific management, advanced technology and perfect testing methods. the imported epoxy resin casting products have the following characteristics: 

The coil is reinforced with glass fiber. The whole casting and curing process is monitored at the computer terminal and adjusted automatically by the computer. The precise manufacturing process makes the coil have good mechanical properties, no cracks, no bubbles inside, small local discharge, high reliability and long service life. 

Good moisture-proof property, high and low voltage coils with vacuum casting, no moisture absorption. and iron core clips and fasteners through corrosion treatment, can operate in high temperature and harsh environment. 

Flame-retardant, explosion-proof, not polluting the environment. The insulation materials such as glass fiber used for winding the coil are self-extinguishing, which will not cause fire caused by electric arc generated by short circuit, and the resin will not produce toxic and harmful gases under high temperature. 

Internal embedded air port, enhance heat dissipation performance and overload capacity. 

Low loss, low doole sound, iron core stacking with full oblique 45"C joints, step - by - step lamination, effectively improve the magnetic flux distribution around the corner of the iron core, so that the no-load consumption further reduced, the noise level is greatly reduced. 

It has excellent resistance to short circuit and lightning shock. 

Small size, light weight, easy installation, wide range of application; Safe and reliable, maintenance-free, low comprehensive operation cost. 

According to the requirements of the customer, the transformer can be equipped with fan. protection grade of IP20, IP23, IP30 aluminum alloy, stainless steel, steel plate and other different materials of the shell. 

Main technical parameters(10kV)

Main technical parameters(20kV)

Main technical parameters(35kV)

Main technical parameters(10kV, SCZ(B))

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