Electric furnace transformer

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Electric furnace transformer
Electric furnace transformer


An electric furnace transformer is used to supply power to an electric furnace, which lowers the high voltage to the furnace­required lower voltage. 

Its type varies with the type of electric furnace. so the transformer has many types. Currently we manufacture following types: Arc furnace transformers used for steel-smelting (including load-ratio voltage regulator type, no-load voltage regulator type, and built-in reactor type); Blast furnace transformers used for smelting of iron alloy, silicides. calcium carbide (single phase, three phase, load ratio voltage regulator and no-load voltage regulator). All are energy-saving products with low power loss. The cooling modes are self-cooling mode, forced water cooling mode, etc. And we can also provide the special transformer by the customer's demands. 

Model and meanings



Application: H--steel-smelting arc furnace; HJ--ladle fining furnace; HZ--electroslag furnace; HC--calcium carbide furnace; 

                    HK--blast furnace ; HG--industrial frequency furnace; 

Number of phases :D--single phases; S--three phases; 

Type of cooling devices: Oil immersed self-cooling -; Air cooling F; Water cooling S; 

Way of oil circulation: Natural circulation; Forced oil circulation P; 

Way of voltage regulation : Non-excitation voltage regulation; Load ratio voltage regulation Z; 

Built-in accessories: Flux leakage changing group-; built-in reactor K; 

Main technical parameters

Non-excitation-tap-changing arc furnace transformer technical data

Main technical parameters

Arc furnace tracsformer with On-load-tap-changing

Main technical parameters

Electroslag Furnace Transformer Technical Parameters

Main technical parameters

Ladle-furnace transformer 

Main technical parameters

10KV Arc Furnace tracsformer for steel making

Main technical parameters

35KV Arc Furnace tracsformer for steel making

Main technical parameters

Blast furnace, calcium carbide furnace Tansformer



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