Inflatable (fully enclosed) circular cabinet

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Inflatable (fully enclosed) circular cabinet
Inflatable (fully enclosed) circular cabinet

Performance indicators

SF6 gas pressure: 1. The absolute pressure at 20°C is 1.4bar, 2. Annual gas leakage rate of 0.2%0/ year,3. Protection grade IP67,  4. Air chamber stainless steel thickness 3.0mm 

Bus: 1. Bus bar in switch cabinet 400mm2Cu, 2. Switch cabinet grounding bus 150mm2Cu 

Color: 1. Front panel of switch cabinet RAL7012, 2. Side plate and cable room front cover plate RAL7035

Normal operating environmental conditions: 1. The highest temperature is 40°C, 2. Minimum temperature: -50"C,3. Take the average relative temperature .;,95%, 4. Altitude .;,2000 meters

Meet the criteria:GB/T11022 GB3906 GB1985 GB16926 GB38041 GB1984 GB3309 IEC60056 IEC60129 IEC60256 IEC60298 IEC60420 IEC60694 



SRM 16-12 inflatable SF6 metal-enclosed fully insulated ring network switch cabinet is widely used in 10kV/6K power distribution system. It is the preferred switch product for all kinds of power distribution systems in urban and rural areas. 

The switch cabinet is a modular unit model, which can be combined according to different USES. The combination of fixed units and expandable units meet the needs of flexible use of compact switchgear in various substations. 

The SRM 16-12 inflatable switchgear is a fully sealed system with all live parts and switches enclosed in a stainless steel housing. The entire switch device is not affected by external environmental conditions, so as to ensure the reliability of operation and personal safety, and to achieve maintenance-free. By selecting an extensible bus, any combination can be achieved to achieve full modularity. Extended bus safety insulation and shielding ensure high reliability and safety. SRM 16-12 inflatable switchgear can also provide Iv-style automation solution, forming the concept of intelligent switch, and reduce the field installation and debugging workload to a minimum. 

The SRM 16-12 inflatable switchgear cabinet is divided into non-extended standard configuration and expandable standard configuration. Because of the combination of full module and half module and its own extensibility, it has very special flexibility. 

The SRM 16-12 inflatable switch performs GB standard. The design life of operation under indoor conditions (40℃) and outdoor conditions (-50℃) exceeds 30 years. 



Main technical parameters 

Note :(1) depends on the current rating of the fuse

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