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High-skilled Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer
Johsun was established in the year 2002 with the aim of providing power solutions to many power establishments, telecom companies, industrial houses and end users. Our range of products includes voltage stabilizers, regulators, UPS inverter, solar inverter, step up & down transformers,voltage protector, switching power supply, etc.
We have established long term business connections with more than 50 countries of abroad and regions. Johsun Technology, Fly into Sky! This is our spirit and aim as always!
Commitment To Top-grade Product & Service
Johsun Technology, Fly into Sky! This is our spirit and aim as always. Superior quality, Competitive prices, and devoted service make us enjoy high reputation in the world market.
Professional Salesman
All our sales representatives can speak fluent English, even French. Our sales team can provide professional answers to any product, production, transportation issues, etc.
Products Capacity
8 production lines and rapid prototyping capabilities, providing high.standard and high-quality products. Our sales team will provide you with real-time reports on the production progress.
In the past 20+ years, Johsun has been providing power solutions andmanufacturing high-quality power components. Our company has many years of customization experience and provides professional customization services.
After-sales Service
1 year warranty, spare parts can be purchased. Our specialists will guide you to solve product problems and maintain our long-term cooperation.
Johnsun Technology is leading the way ofinternational development.
The network covers the Chinese local market, Europe, Middle East,Southeast Asia, South America, North America and Africa. We haveestablished long-term business relationships with more than 50 foreigncountries and regions.